About Us

Top Hops Farm is a family owned and operated hop farm in Goodrich, Michigan. At 17 acres of hops, our farm is one of the largest family owned hop farms in Michigan and also amongst the Midwest growing region. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality hops Craft Brewers have available. We are also proud to be a MAEAP Certified farm, meaning high quality hop production along with responsible and environmentally conscious farm practices.

By 2012, the Top Hops team had spent several years researching and growing hops and decided to expand to a level that could support local Mid-West breweries. This was the beginning of Top Hops Farm and our first 5 acre field of hops. Fast forward to fall of 2017; we have built our farm business into a 17 acre commercial hopyard complete with a top of the line harvesting and processing center capable of picking, drying, bailing, pelletizing, packaging, and storing frozen up to 30 acres worth of hops per year, all while maintaining top quality hop product as the number one priority. In 2017, we even doubled down on our commitment to sustainability and reduction of energy consumption through the completion of a solar system that generates enough electricity for all harvesting and processing needs on an annual basis.

The business consists of father and son team Mark and Sean Trowbridge, and their wives Mel and Jennifer Trowbridge. With a bit of help, Mark and Sean oversee all aspects of farm and business management, hop production, harvest, processing, and sales. For peak labor periods in the spring and fall, the Trowbridge family is happy to employ local community members including many high schoolers and young adults. Approximately 20 part time workers are needed each spring and approximately 12 part time workers each fall.