Top Hops Farm is a 20 acre commercial hopyard complete with a top of the line harvesting and processing center capable of picking, drying, bailing, pelletizing, packaging, and storing frozen up to 30 acres worth of hops per year, all while maintaining top quality hop product as the number one priority. Our goal is to provide craft brewers with a consistent, food safe, top quality hops accompanied with exceptional customer service.


The Top Hops yard designs, irrigation and fertilizing programs, soil and plant tissue testing, pest management program, and pre-harvest hop testing are all focused on producing healthy, high quality hops.


Harvesting of the hops is completed in a newly constructed picking facility that is only used for hops. Our newly refurbished and well-maintained picking machine produces a very clean sort meaning almost zero stem and leaf in the final product.


Top Hops Farm has a custom drying system designed to retain the highest quality of aromas and oils in the hops. Our hops never get above 100F while drying to ensure no volatilization of the delicate aroma compounds.


Our Hammer mill is designed to provide a coarser grind to minimize damage to the lupulin glands and reducing material separation in the silos while still providing a tight clean pellet. Our fully automated pellet line ensures a consistent pellet throughout an entire run and is cooled to ensure no pellet temps above 110F.

Food Safety

Top Hops Farm is an approved Hop Growers of Michigan "Verified Source" Farm. Audits have been performed by the National Hop Quality group and Hop Growers of Michigan for their Food Safety and Hop Quality program. Our Processing center is also inspected by MDARD and we hold a whole sale food processors license by the State of Michigan.

Hop Quality

Top Hops Farm has grown, harvested, dried, processed and sold over 100,000 pounds of hops and has sold hops to over 100 breweries in 39 States! Check us out and see our "Top Hops" for yourself